The Diplomat The Diplomat is a current-affairs magazine for the Asia-Pacific, with news and analysis on politics, security, business, technology and life across the region. Fri, 25 Dec 2020 00:54:07 +0900 en-US 5 Books to Understand 2020 Is France Capable of Being an Indo-Pacific Power? Challenges to Democracy and Hopes for Peace and Justice in Myanmar How Should Biden Engage China? At War Online: South Korea and China Australia to Host Indo-Pacific Tech Summit in 2021 After Months of Calm, Thailand Grapples with Virus Outbreak The Unheard Voices of Kashmir A Quantum Leap Forward: Chinese Influence Grows in Iraq’s Oil Market Displaced, Stranded, Unprotected: ASEAN’s Migrant Workers India’s New Maritime Theater Command: A Quantum Leap The Lesson of 2020? Security Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does Indonesia Quietly Advances Economic, Cultural Ties with Taiwan The Pandemic Drags On. But What About Infrastructure? Two Rappers Convicted of ‘Incitement’ in Cambodia Amid Corruption and COVID-19, Jokowi Shakes Up Indonesia’s Cabinet The Flashpoints of Hun Sen’s Cambodia How Will China Manage the Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery? Hydropower vs Heritage: Will Laos Lose Luang Prabang? Japanese Companies Fall Victim To Unprecedented Wave of Cyber Attacks? Official Costs of Tokyo Olympics Up by 22% to $15.4 billion Part-time Workers in South Korea Out of Luck Why Did Japan Suspend the ‘Go To Travel’ Campaign? Looking Ahead to January 10: Elections in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan Fire From the Sky: The Afghan Taliban’s Drones Suspicious Death of Baloch Activist in Toronto Raises Uncomfortable Questions for Pakistan Bhasan Char: A New Home for Rohingya Refugees In Thailand, Local Elections See Stagnating Progressive Vote Singapore’s Digital Banking Race is On Is Cambodia Really Turning Its Back on Chinese Vaccines? Australia and India Economic Relations: The Stars Have Aligned Aim Sinpeng on the Dynamics of Social Media in Southeast Asia Bangladesh’s Dangerous Islamist Appeasement – And What It Portends Biden and the Credibility Conundrum: What If China Attacks Taiwan? China’s Challenges to Global Democracy There Won’t be Political Reform in Uzbekistan. Here’s Why Pakistan and Saudi Arabia: BFF No More Can Australian Media Find the Right Balance? India-Vietnam Summit: From Normative Convergence to Substantive Cooperation India’s Fight Against ‘Copying’ Candidates? Uzbekistan Hedging Vaccine Bets with Russian Purchase Nepal President Dissolves Parliament in a Move Many Term ‘Unconstitutional’ Chinese Attitudes Toward Immigrants: Emerging, Divided Views In Migrant Worker Hub, Thailand Sees a Rare Coronavirus Surge Vietnam’s Sole Military Ally How Much Should We Worry About Laos’ Debt? North Korea Vows to Redevelop Mountain Tour Site Despite Pandemic Report Details Military Links of Major Myanmar Telco Firm Taiwanese Horror Game ‘Devotion’ Gets Pulled Again Over Chinese Objections How India Aims to Make the Best of Bangladesh’s Independence Anniversary What Apple Daily Means for Hong Kong Civilian Participation in National Defense as a Part of Japan’s Pacifism? What Do Chinese People Think of Developed Countries? India-Iran-Uzbekistan Pursue Central Asian Connectivity Is Japan Immune From China’s Media Influence Operations? New Collectors Boost Chinese Public Art Fairs Pacific Island Nations Wary of Chinese Fishing Fleets Israel Is Stuck Between the Superpowers ‘Indian Chronicles’ – a New War of Narratives Between India and Pakistan? PLA No-Shows US-China Maritime Safety Talks Japan-South Korea: The Limits of Outreach Without Trust China’s Hyperactive Debates on Personal Data Protection The Case for Australia Keeping Victoria’s Belt and Road Deal China’s Military Actions Against Taiwan in 2021: What to Expect Afghanistan, Central Asia, and the Coming Biden Presidency Why Is China Going to the Moon? Russia Tests Anti-Satellite Missile: US US Joint Chiefs Chairman Meets With Taliban on Peace Talks The New Poor: ASEAN Tackles the Challenge of Rising Inequalities? Wargames: Losing Is Learning, Learning Is Winning China’s Moon Mission Returns to Earth as Some Call for Greater International Space Collaboration On Religion and Tolerance, the Modi Government Must Walk the Talk US Air Force to Test New Hypersonic Missile IOC Accused of Ignoring Human Rights for 2022 Beijing Games China Building Massive Myanmar Border Wall: Reports In Indonesia, Confucius Institutes Struggle to Dislodge Anti-Chinese Sentiment US Government Officially Labels Vietnam a Currency Manipulator China’s Digital Silk Road Initiative: A Boon for Developing Countries or a Danger to Freedom? Can Uzbekistan Stay on Track in Improving its Human Rights Record? How Trump and the 2020 US Election Are Helping Authoritarians’ Domestic Causes Taliban Team in Pakistan as Calls Grow for Afghan Ceasefire India Inches Forward to Block Chinese Telecom Equipment Vandalized iPhone Plant Highlights India’s Torturous Economic Path Masks Key to Keeping Japan’s COVID-19 Caseload Low Does It Matter That the New OSCE High Commissioner for National Minorities Is From Kazakhstan? Australia-China Economic and Trade Relations Are Heading for a Hard Reset How the US Can Mediate the Japan-South Korea Dispute Counterterrorism or Counterinsurgency? Biden’s Coming Afghanistan Dilemma ‘Love Jihad’ and the Crafting of a Bigoted Law in India Eight Years, and Still No Answers on Lao Activist’s Disappearance FinTech and the Risks of Terrorist Financing in Indonesia Philippine Drug War Case Inches Forward at the ICC What’s in the New Indonesia-SpaceX Chatter? The Internet as Battleground in Thailand’s COVID-19 Tinderbox Moment How Latin America Can Make the Most of the US-China Competition China’s Space Program Suggests Decoupling Won’t Work Like the US Hopes 猪泡泡影院,神马影院在线观看,神马手机观看限制电影-小影视频,